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Facilities Provided...


1. Pharmaceutics Lab : 

Pharmaceutics Lab

All the facilities required for the product development and formulation for various dosage forms are available.

2. Pharmacology Lab : 

Pharmacology Lab

This Lab has variety of instruments for Pharmacological screening of drugs various charts, models & facilities required for Anatomical, Physiological and Pharmacological studies are available. This Lab is well supported by an Animal house.

3. Pharmacognosy Lab : 

Pharmacognosy Lab

This Lab has complete facilities required for evaluation of Crude drugs, isolation of phytoconstituents etc. This lab is supported with a Medicinal Herbal Garden.

4. Pharma Chemistry Lab : 

Pharma-Chemistry Lab

It is provided with suitable facilities for synthesis of medicinal compounds, analysis of drugs, organic and inorganic chemical analysis and identification of chemical compounds. This Lab is well supported by an Instrument Lab & Balance Room.

5. Instrumentation & Machine Room : 

Machine Room

To teach pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical equipments like Rotary tablet Machine, Capsule Filling Machine, Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine, Dissolution & Disintegration, Rate Test Equipments etc are available.

6. Computer Lab : 
The institution's ultramodern Computer Lab hosts a range of latest software, LAN facility with over 30 terminals/PCs, Wi-Fi campus, Power Backup Facility, 24 hours Internet Connectivity through Broadband, which helps students in their assignments & research projects.